Related Projects

Thank you for visiting our related projects page.  This page will be updated with similar and complimentary projects throughout the duration of the MERLIN project.


REDDSTAR is an EU funded project which will develop and test stromal cell therapy to treat for diabetes mellitus. The objective is to control blood glucose while also addressing a range of diabetic complications. MERLIN partners Orbsen Therapeutics and Pintail also collaborate on REDDSTAR.


MERLIN partners Orbsen Therapeutics and Pintail Limited participate in the FP7-funded project VISICORT. The project will design and initiate an optimised clinical trial strategy of immunomodulatory stromal stem cell therapy in high-risk human corneal transplant recipients.


STELLAR is an FP7-funded project interested in developing an alternative to renal replacement therapy making use of newly discovered kidney mesenchymal stem cells.


DECIDE is a Marie Curie initial training network that is working to advance our understanding of normal blood cell development and why primitive cells fail to differentiate in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). The aim is to deliver new agents for use in differentiation therapy, responding to the urgent need for devise milder treatments, especially for older and frailer AML patients. MERLIN partner institutions University of Birmingham and Orbsen Therapeutics are also partners on DECIDE.


NEPHSTROM is a Horizon 2020-funded research project that l will deliver and validate a transformative mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) treatment for diabetic kidney disease (DKD), MSC therapy as has already demonstrated the potential to target the five major aspects of DKD – hypertension, inflammation, fibrosis, oxidative stress, and proteinuria – with a single treatment. MERLIN partners Orbsen Therapeutics, NHS Blood and Transplant and Pintail also participate in NEPHSTROM.


RESPINE will develop the world’s first rigorously proven, effective treatment of degenerative disc disease (DDD). Via a multicentre, randomized, controlled, phase 2b clinical trial including 112 patients with DDD, RESPINE will assess the efficacy of an allogenic intervertebral mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-based therapy. The consortium aims to provide new knowledge on immune response & safety associated with allogeneic BM-MSC intradiscal injection. This simple procedure will be cost-effective, and minimally invasive.

SCIENCE project

The SCIENCE project will conduct a multicentre, double-blind placebo-controlled trial with allogeneic adipose-derived stromal cells (CSCC_ASCs) to improve myocardial function in patients with ischemic heart disease and heart failure. In addition, SCIENCE will establish a manufacturing facility for centralised production of allogeneic CSCC_ASCs, and financial health care data to demonstrate the impact of implementing treatment with the proposed new CSCC_ASC product. The project will evaluate advanced existing and new imaging techniques in order to more precisely guide the delivery of stem cells