Università degli Studi di Padova

Dating back to 1222, the University of Padova is one of Europe’s oldest universities in Italy with a long tradition of scientific research which pre-dates Galileo Galilei’s times. With over 60,000 students (40,000 at Bachelor’s level, 20,000 at Master’s level and 1,500 at Doctoral level) 230 post-doc researchers, it has 32 departments, 34 PhD schools and 44 research and service centres ranging from sciences, medicine, to social sciences and humanities, and employs about 2,300 professors and researchers, and 2,300 administrative staff. It participates in more than 160 International Research projects within the 7th Framework Programme and about 30 projects from other EU funds. It currently coordinates 30 FP7 projects. The University of Padova participates in international and European educational networks, such as: CG (Coimbra Group); TIME (Top Industrial Managers for Europe); EUA (European University Association); SD (Mediterranean Universities Network for Sustainable Development); and ESRUC (Eurasian Silk Road Universities Consortium). UNIPD will look at the mechanism of action of MSCs in vivo by identifying the requirements for MSC-mediated immunomodulation and the molecules responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of MSC, as well as identifying the specific target of MSCs in liver disease.