Immunomodulation By Therapeutic MSC Is Triggered Through Phagocytosis of MSC By Monocytic Cells

A new MERLIN publication led by our team at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, NL appeared in the journal Stem Cells on 17 January 2018. Authors of this paper are: Samantha F H de Witte , Franka Luk, Jesus M Sierra Parraga, Madhu Gargesha, Ana Merino, Sander S Korevaar, Anusha S Shankar, Lisa O’Flynn, Steve J Elliman, Debashish Roy , Michiel G H Betjes, Philip N Newsome, Carla C Baan, Martin J Hoogduijn.

This important study demonstrates that infused MSC are rapidly phagocytosed by monocytes, which subsequently migrate from the lungs to other body sites. Phagocytosis of ucMSC induces phenotypical and functional changes in monocytes, which subsequently modulate cells of the adaptive immune system. It can be concluded that monocytes play a crucial role in mediating, distributing, and transferring the immunomodulatory effect of MSC.

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