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MERLIN at EU-MSC2 Meeting, Leiden

MERLIN researchers attended the EU-MSC2 meeting in Leiden, 07 – 08 Sept 2015. The meeting brought together researchers from a number of EU-funded projects pursuing MSC research. Other projects represented included Stellar, RETHRIM, REACH, VISICORT, ADIPOA-2, REDDSTAR, SCIENCE and NEPHSTROM. The meeting included interactive panel discussions about key challenges faced when developing MSC therapies, including scientific […]

Interview with Prof. Viola of UNIPD

Prof. Antonella Viola has been interviewed by Italian broadcaster TG1, following her return to Padova. In this interview, she talks about a research project investigating the correlation among inflammation and cancer. In Padova, Prof. Viola leads a group of eight researchers working on different projects with the aim of designing novel personalized therapy against inflammation-related diseases. […]

EU MSC2 2015: Contributing to MSC Knowledge-Sharing, Research & Development

Our sister project REDDSTAR and Leiden University Medical Center are co-organizing EU MSC2 2015, a meeting in Leiden, NL on September 7th and 8th to bring together nine EU-funded, mesenchymal stromal cell-focussed consortia. Projects include: REDDSTAR, REACH, RETHRIM, Stellar, MERLIN, Nephstrom, SCIENCE, VISICORT and Adipoa-2. This two day, interactive meeting will be held at the […]

A Closer Look at Stem Cells Website Live

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has launched a new website to help patients and their families make informed decisions about stem cell treatments, clinics and their health. The site includes extensive information on clinical trials and how science becomes medicine.   You can visit the site here: http://www.closerlookatstemcells.org/